Check out this Automated Weather Map for the High Plains Regions: Kansas, Nerbraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and parts of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Minnesota. Lots of information contained on this site that is especially helpful to growers who are hoping to get into their fields and plant soon.

The soil temperatures are unusually low for this part of the country at this time of the year, May 5, 2013 as indicated by the mapped data.

This morning I came across the following article, “Seed in the ground might need replanted” Source, May 6, 2013 This article states the following,

When soil temperature remains below 50 degrees, seeds germinate slowly and can take three to four weeks to emerge.

Some growers are wondering what type of yield loss could result in planting later into May.  This same article referenced above addresses this question.

Declines in yield potential may occur soon, but they will be small until after mid-May. Corn yield begins to drop when planted after the end of April, but only by 5 percent by May 5 and 13 percent by May 20, according to data from a four-year planting-date study at MU’s Bradford Research Center near Columbia. Yield drops as much as 40 percent when corn is not planted by June 19. Wiebold and Myers also recommend that farmers stick with 110-day maturing corn through the end of May.

This article, “Seed in the ground might need replanted” is  well worth the 5 minutes to read. In addition, if you are a grower in the High Plains Area, it is always nice to have a site with information a click away with respect to soil temperatures, soil precipitation and more to help you as you enter the early months of planting.