Towels and BacteriaThere has been a recent movement in our country to go green. You see signs in certain hotels encouraging you to reuse your towels. In addition, many high school and college athletes keep a towel in their locker to dry off with after practice.  How safe is that towel over time? How fast can bacteria build-up on that towel.
As the video states, “People lose about 30,000 skin cells every hour, some of which inevitably sloughs off into your bathroom towels.” For this reason, people should wash towels about every 2-3 days.

The worse place for bacterial growth is not your towels but that shower mat that you place your feet on. The mat gets wet and stays wet longer. As a result bacterial buildup occurs at a much faster rate. Keep this in mind when switching out your towels and consider washing your bath mats more often.
photo credit: paulswansen via photopin cc