mushrooms in the yardThis past Memorial Day Weekend was an absolute wet one. In the Omaha area we received 3+ inches of rain between Friday and Monday. As a result, an onslaught of mushrooms has appeared.

I am really not that annoyed by these little fungi. In fact, the presence of mushrooms indicates a few things about the lawn. I talked about the progress of my lawn last week.

  • The lawn has very good organic matter. Mushrooms love high organic matter.
  • The lawn has a high moisture content because of the rain. Ideal conditions for mushrooms.
  • The lawn is also tall and thick. Again, ideal growing conditions for mushrooms.

I am trying a few options with respect to getting rid of the mushrooms.

  • Fertilizing – I am hoping a higher nitrogen-level fertilizer will help ward off the mushrooms.
  • Smashing them with my feet as I mow.  Where colonies have developed, I am trying to see if breaking them apart in the wet lawn makes a difference.
  • Nothing – Yes, almost everything I read says drier conditions are needed to help get rid of the mushrooms.

I’ll take a strong, thick lawn with mushrooms over a lawn filled with weeds and crabgrass any day. Eventually the summer temperatures will arise and the mushrooms will go away with the warmer temperatures and drier conditions. If I still see mushrooms, it could signal that I am watering too much. In this case I can control the moisture in the grass.

Again, it is more of a nuisance at this time and the mushrooms are only temporarily residing in the lawn. I will let you know if the fertilizer and smashing options work, but my guess is if they work, it will be more about drier and warmer conditions, then either of these options.

photo credit: Paul-W via photopin cc