Plant Sampling Guide from Midwest Laboratories

In a previous post, I mentioned some great resources for people to look at with respect to learning more about the values they receive regarding their analysis.

Today, I want to take this a step farther and look particularly at plants.  The Midwest Laboratories Staff answers numerous questions regarding plant testing. Most of them have to do with acquiring a plant sample for analysis.

The following document, Sampling Guide for Plant Tissue Analysis is an excellent resource for telling you the following:

The benefits of plant tissue analysis

How to pull a representative plant tissue sample for analysis

How to package and send the sample for analysis

The goal of plant tissue analysis is quite simple, the analysis will help show if the nutrients in the soil are making it into the plant tissue itself. This information can be very valuable during the early growing season. In addition, steps can be taken early to insure proper root and plant growth.

If you have specific questions regarding plant tissue testing, please call a client service representative today.