Caffeine Facts Caffeine – We hear it is good for us at times and other times we hear it is not so good for us.

The good news is maybe coffee is not so bad. Check out this article, “4 Surprising Facts About Coffee

Here is a list of those facts:

  1. Lowers your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease
  2. Protects you from cancer
  3. Gives you a brain – and mental health – boost
  4. Speeds up your slim down – Can increase your metabolism

Here is another  summary of a recent Fox Health Report. See the whole report listed below:

  • Caffeine dehydrates you is a false statement
  • Three cups of coffee a day can help your memory, especially in women.
  • Caffeine can help with weight loss. This is a false statement. Caffeine can help you not eat or drink other things.
  • Caffeine does not give you heart disease but people with known heat disease should drink in moderation.

Caffeine is it good for you or not?

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