Rush AnalysisIn today’s society there is a premium on time. At Midwest Laboratories we understand this need. Companies and consumers across the country use the analysis results provided at Midwest Laboratories for different reasons. Here is a list of some common reasons:

  • Analysis results needed for current production process. Waiting on results to proceed further.
  • Changed packaging – need to know how long product can sit on the shelf
  • Analyzing plant samples to determine what type of nutrients need to be applied to crops
  • Analyzing well water – Some animals are getting sick
  • Analyzing Diesel – Determine if any contamination exists in the product.

The reasons vary but in all cases results are being expected by clients and consumers in a timely manner.
In some cases, rush results are needed in a 24 to 36 hour time frame. At the lab we call these type of samples rush samples.  The number of rush samples has dramatically increased in the last five years and laboratories are trying to keep up by securing lab equipment and personnel who can meet these needs.

At Midwest Laboratories, we have introduced a rush sample system and coordinator to help better track these type of samples. If you want rush analysis, the best way to secure this type of service is to call ahead and talk directly to a representative at Midwest Laboratories. This step is the key to a successful rush analysis. Too many times, samples are received with a note requesting rush service. The problem with this type of approach is that no arrangements have been made in advance and instrument availability and appropriate personnel may not be available to complete this analysis in a timely manner. In addition, instrument are taken offline to resolve issues and for regular maintenance. In addition, you will also know what type of costs to expect with respect to your analysis and rush fees.

We have found that if client requirements are stated up front with respect to timing and appropriate analysis methods, everyone is aware of the expectations involved with the samples arriving at the laboratory and the client expectations regarding the analysis results being completed and reported. It makes for a much smoother process. In addition, the customer works directly with a specific Midwest Laboratories Representative during the process.

At Midwest Laboratories we encourage clients to call in and setup arrangements for rush samples and regular samples as well. It really helps bridge the gap of any miscommunication that could occur with respect to turnaround times and the particular analysis being performed. Let’s keep working together through this process as we continue to deliver quality analysis in a timely manner.

Brent Pohlman | Marketing Director

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/