lawn pictureIt is that time of year when homeowners are beginning to see dry spots in their lawn.  Here are two tips to help your yard survive the summer heat.

1) Raise your blade. Don’t mow so short. With the direct sunlight hitting your grass, it is wise to let the grass get a little higher so the sunlight does not hit close to the roots and dry up the whole grass plant.

2) Water less days and longer. Too many people run their sprinklers everyday for 5 minutes at a time and can’t understand why their grass is drying up. The reason is the water is not making it deep into the soil. If you start seeing cracks in your soil, you need to turn up the water time more. I would recommend turning the watering time up to 15-20 minutes for each section of lawn, especially those areas that are hit with direct sunlight for the majority of the day.  Using this technique, you can cut your watering down to 3 days a week during the summer.

Some other common questions:

When is the best time to water?  – I would recommend in the morning between 4.00am – 10.00am to insure the water gets into the soil with the cooler temperatures, but anytime will help your lawn.

Can dead areas be brought back to life? – Some areas may be beyond coming back because of the dry conditions. Instead of constantly watering theses areas, make note of them and try planting seed or sod in the September time frame.

Watering is still the best recipe for keeping your lawn healthy in the hot, summer heat. By just making a few adjustments with respect to your watering, you will see a dramatic change in a couple of days.