August Lawn Tips
August Lawn Tips

Just as kids get ready to go back to school, so to, its time to head back to the lawn to nurture it for the fall season. The best time to apply grass seed is Mid-August through the first part of October. With this being said, I think the first two weeks of August are an excellent time to aerate and apply one last round of nutrients to your lawn.

At this time of year, it is a good time to check the nutrient levels in your lawn soil. Many people have their soil tested so they know exactly what nutrients to apply before they apply a fall application of grass seed.

Some other things to consider:

  • If grubs have taken any part of your lawn this summer, try removing those dead spots and look at planting seed or sod to replace those dead spots. I would also recommend aerating and fertilizing these areas to make ensure proper growth for the new seed or sod.
  • Check out your sprinklers. I noticed a few dead spots in my grass due to a lack of water coverage from my sprinkler.
  • Continue to make sure your grass has enough moisture. Do a quick stick test and see how far down the soil is moist. Continue to water your lawn.
  • Also be on the look out for clover and other annoying weeds. I  have found that clover really likes to take over a location during this time frame and it may be wise to pull it out and start fresh with some new seed. Make sure you really get all of the clover if you attempt this step.

Some items to consider over the next few weeks to help you with your year-round yard care.

photo credit: anneheathen via photopin cc