Growing Degree DaysThe recent cooler temperatures have really kept corn growers on their toes with respect to predicting corn maturity. Of course, this summer is completely different from last year’s high temperatures and drought conditions.

Check out this link from the University of Illinois, Midwest Regional Climate Center This link shows the current, modified growing degree days for the season. The question is, depending on where your crops are, will your crops be able to reach maturity. This week’s temperatures, (Week of August 19th 2013) are returning back to the 90’s which should help growing conditions.

Check out this article from the University of Missouri Plant Sciences Division, Corn Maturity Ratings and Delayed Planting May 2013.

It takes an accumulation of between 2400 and 2800 GDUs across the growing season for corn to reach physiological maturity. This range in GDU response accounts for the range in relative maturity ratings, typically between 98 and 120.

For the Eastern Nebraska area, currently we are looking at 1,800 – 2,000 GDU’s at the present time. ( I am using the May 1, 2013 figures) , but those figures a bit skewed because of the late planting.   

At this point, we can only hope for warmer temperatures to come back and hold on for the rest of August into September. It is safe to say that harvest might be happening a bit later than normal in most areas of the country.

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