October Lawn TipsYou have a few weeks to make a difference with your lawn this fall. Fall time, (Up to October 20, 2013 – Assuming a Frost by the end of October) is a great period of time to perform a couple of activities.

Overseed – I can’t tell you what a difference this can make. A strong, thick lawn can really make a difference in combating weeds and dry spots. If you are thinking about overseeding, do it now before it gets too cool and make sure you water it in really good.

Mow Leaves – I know this may not seem possible in some areas with dense trees. However, mowing leaves can help break down leaves and provide valuable nutrients and organic matter back into the soil.

Finally, water a little more aggressively at this time of the year and ultimately think about shutting down your watering system and winterizing your sprinkler system as the ground temperature gets cooler. You can check out the soil temperature in your area at the GreenCast site.

Image courtesy of nongpimmy / FreeDigitalPhotos.net