Ethanol | Small EnginesIn the midwest most of the unleaded gasoline is being blended with ethanol to bring the octane levels up to 87. This has people a bit concerned, especially wiht their small engine devices like lawn mowers and snow blowers. Check out this news story! Understand how these changes could impact you.

The news story makes the claim that most small engines run ok with E-10, 10% Ethanol. Check your manufacturer’s guide to be sure.

The key is to not store it too long. Ethanol absorbs water. You should use your ethanol within a period of 30 days.

Also, if the product needs testing, it is better to have the product tested from a retailer’s pump and not a small engine. As far as the claims about less gas mileage and autos, that information is best found talking to automobile dealers and organizations that perform those types of tests.

photo credit: ya3hs3 via photopin cc