Fall LeavesHave the colors of the trees literally stopped you on your drive to and from work this fall. It has been sometime since we have seen so much color in the trees and the leaves are huge. It has been a spectacular fall in this part of the country. The weather in this part of the country, Eastern Nebraska has simply been amazing. The Lincoln Jounral Star has a great article, “Trees flash full potential during a mild autumn” – November 3, 2013. It is well worth the read.

Some points the article makes are the following:

  • A warmer than normal September and cooler-than-normal October averages out to a mild fall.
  • The first freeze came late. October 17, 2013 was the first freeze.
  • We have not received a snow yet  either.

If you want the science explanation, the article briefly touches on that process too.

The longer, cooler nights in fall trigger the biochemical process in trees..trees slow down production of cholorophyl, a molecule they use for energy that also gives leaves their green hue. As production slows and stops, the remaining chlorophyl is used up, and carotenoids and anthocyannin show. The fall colors are the result of this process. Source: Trees flash full potential during a mild autumn” – November 3, 2013

It is a great time of the year to see the beauty of fall. Better stop and get a look at it now because snow is just around the corner.

Image courtesy of Aduldej / FreeDigitalPhotos.net