ProductivityHow do you measure productivity?

Yesterday, I went around to the different laboratories and noticed many supervisors were running samples and also working on ways to improve processes in their own departments.

One new process that is being implemented is a move toward electronic lab notebooks and more use of iPads and data integration between instruments and laboratory information systems. It is critical as clients want analysis to be completed in a timely manner that Midwest Laboratories moves toward more implementation of systems to help improve time in getting analysis complete and delivered to clients.

The question of productivity affects all of us. One way, we are trying to keep in touch with our clients is to give them access to track their samples and let them know when their samples will be completed and reported back to them. We understand analysis reports give our clients information to make future decisions and we feel it is important that clients are informed as to when they can expect results. Clients can follow their samples with the new Midwest Labs iPhone App.

In 2014, we are really going to work on the whole concept of productivity and continue to look for ways to improve service to clients, analysis of samples and evaluate current processes at Midwest Laboratories. The values of improving productivity include: being able to keep costs down, implement new technology, meet and exceed client expectations.

In 2014, ask your suppliers and vendors how they are working on improving productivity. The answers might surprise you.

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