Precision AgCheck out this video and learn more about what is important with respect to Precision Ag Technology.

This industy is undergoing technology changes everyday. In addition, the data is being used to help enable growers to operate more effectively and efficiently.

Some Important Points

Make sure you understand the make-up of your soil. (Soil sample at different depths and in different grid points)

Make sure you have yield maps and understand where your higher and lower producing areas are.

Current Challenges

I like how this video looks at data and its application to variable rate spraying, variable rate planting and variable rate irrigation.

Some Items To Think About

Each company approaches precision ag a little bit differently.
Make sure you as a grower, keep good records and ultimatley own your data
Keep informed and see which precision ag processes work best for you from a a time and resource standpoint.

photo credit: UnitedSoybeanBoard via photopin cc