Ag Data ManagementAfter listening to a number of Ag Managers and Retailers talk about precision ag technology, it is really apparent that the technology is changing at a very rapid pace. Farmers can manage all aspects of their farms from equipment assets to production numbers from their fields.

As I talk to people, I see people picking and choosing what type of data they want to track. There are so many data points that can be tracked, but it really takes a lot of upfront setup to make it all come together. The video below makes this process seem so easy, but it really does take a lot of upfront planning and coordination to make it work.

We are definitely in the infancy stage of this process, and all of us need to find ways to make this process more seamless and easier to setup. This process takes explaining a soil test exponentially. Agriculture is all about getting the right data and managing that data to make future decisions. As more and more new technology is released into the market, it is critical that proper management and setup are in place so growers can keep up with the changes in technology and be able to adapt and change at a quicker pace.

Check out this video and learn more about John Deere’s Wireless Data Transfer Process.

photo credit: uacescomm via photopin