April Yard and GardenThis past weekend I broke down and mowed the lawn and applied a pre-emergent fertilizer. My hope was the rain forecasted for Sunday was going to happen. The 50% rain quickly broke up and the rain never came in our particular area. Wednesday, April 9, 22014 the temperature is supposed to hit 80 degrees in the Omaha, NE area.

These warm temperatures will quickly warm up the ground and start the growing process. It also looks like, the April showers will quickly turn to irrigated sprinking because of the lack of rain.

This past week, many local lawn and garden owners have been bringing their samples in for analysis and recommendations regarding their lawn and garden. The turnaround time for the analysis is 3 days from the time the sample is received at Midwest Laboratories. Now is a great time to get your soil tested and determine what type of nutrients are available in the soil before you start adding fertilizers and other soil products. It is as easy as ordering the kit online. The kit includes analysis and UPS Shipping Label. Find out more on the Midwest Laboratories eStore.

photo credit: Donna Cazadd via photopin cc