Winter DamageHave you started to get your yard ready by doing the following:

  • Started watering your lawn
  • Put down your first pre-emergent application
  • Starting to kill your first, few dandelions

Are you starting to see spots like those in the picture above where no grass is coming up at all. It may be due to winter kill. I have seen a lot of winter kill in the Omaha, Nebraska area. Golf courses and neighborhood parks and residences are really showing signs of this issue.

This past winter offered very little snow, but there were many days of extreme cold temperatures below zero and lots of windy days. The lack of moisture and cold conditions contributed to a lot winter kill grass.  In addition, the ground temperatures were not insulated and the frost level in the ground went down as far as 1-2 feet below the surface.

My advice to you is to really water and try soaking your lawn. Watch these areas closely  and if you do not see any changes in a weeks time, you might want to consider re-seeding or applying sod to these areas.

I think this issue will continue to be a serious one, especially in this part of the country. My advice, recognize it, and start the repair process soon before the summer heat arises. Also, consider letting your overall lawn get longer and thicker this spring to help promote a healthy root development. Also, continue to water your lawn this spring, especially if you are in an area where dry conditions continue to persist.

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