Spring Yard - April 30, 2014It appears my spring lawn has finally started to look like a spring lawn once again.

I have mowed three times since the last week in March and I have noticed quite a change in four weeks. At the end of March, I applied a pre-emergent to battle the annoying crabgrass that seems to appear each spring. On April 12, 2014 I started watering the yard. I typically water three days a week and set the watering a little longer in each area to make sure water makes it down below the surface.

On April 26, 2014 I applied more fertilizer to help increase the nitrogen in the soil. Since that application, it has rained for three days. On this same day, I dealt with some issues of dead grass with respect winter yard kill, by purchasing some sod and putting it in the place of these particular areas. Winter Yard Kill - Damage In addition, I purchased some seed and applied it to areas that appeared to be a little thin with respect to the grass coming through this spring.