medium_2443834504In May, I have just one tip, this is assuming you have taken some steps mentioned in earlier posts.

Last week, I saw one of these disgusting critters in my lawn and was a bit in shock, knowing how cold it has been this winter, into spring. However, I think the wamer ground temps and frequent watering have seemed to bring out a new set of GRUBS.

Those tiny, white, disgusting critters. Sometime in May, probably sooner than later, I need to apply a grub control product. If not applied in May, grubs can cause all kinds of issues going into the summer as they bring in more population and destruction to your yard.

My advice in May, apply some sort of grub control product, especially if you have seen these critters in the past. The last thing you need are some brown spots in your lawn this summer.

photo credit: Nick DeNardis via photopin cc