Bacteria on Fruits and VegetablesCheck out this news story and see for yourself how important it is to wash the fruit and vegetables that you purchase at the store.

Pay close attention to produce that ispackaged and sealed in plastic.

Are you aware that organic produce could have higher bacterial counts than conventional produce? I was surprised there would be quite a difference in some cases.

Rinsing is not always the answer according to this news report. Adding produce to a apple cider/vinegar mix and letting it sit a few minutes may be an alternative to rinsing. In addition, there are some produce sprays that were able to take some of the bacterial matter off of the produce. I find this last part very interesting. The important thing is to take some type of action to reduce the bacteria.

Watch the news clip and learn more about these particular results that came about as a part of this study.

photo credit: Elle_Ann via photopin cc