As we get closer to black layered corn, many people like to do one final analysis before harvest. “Stalk Nitrate Test

Black Layered Corn


Here is a good video to watch with respect to pulling a stalk nitrate sample

Important Tips when sending your samples

Once you have collected your stalks, place them in a breathable bag, (bag with air -holes). Plant tissue bags work well.

Next, consider using a sticky label with your sample identification information on it. (Example Field 1)  – Most of the time stalk nitrate samples have so much moisture, the bags break easily when shipped.

Finally, consider wrapping your stalk nitrates with a rubber band, heavy string or duct tape. – This will prevent samples from tearing out of bags and getting mixed up with other samples.


If you have questions, about stalk nitrate testing, call and talk to a Midwest Laboratories Representative.

If you want more information about the stalk nitrate testing, check out this link.