Bottled WaterCheck out this question and answer page from Walmart regarding its purified drinking water product.

What is the shelf life of bottled water?

Due to differences in distribution and product rotation, there is no way determine the amount of shelf life remaining for a specific product that you purchase in our stores. We recommend using Great Value products by the best by date printed on the package to ensure quality.

How is the Great Value Purified Water purified?

Purified Drinking water is water that has been processed so that it’s TDS (total dissolved solid) is less than 10 PPM (parts per million) usually through reverse osmosis and/or distillation but sometimes deionization.

Is the water flouridated?

None of our Great Value Water contains fluoride in any of its variations (drinking water, spring water, distilled water, purified water, etc. The only product that Walmart currently carries that has fluoride in the water is the “Nursery Water” in 1 gallon size container. If fluoride is added to any product the information must be reflected on the label in the ingredient statement.

Some interesting answers to questions regarding bottled water. Are you aware that some bottled water is just repackaged municipal city water?  I talked about this topic in an earlier article. The point of this article is to give you some more information as to the “real” purity of bottled water. Check your own public water supply, does it have similar values. Is there a big difference between bottled water and tap water? Look for more information to come on this topic.

photo credit: Brave Heart via photopin cc