Answering Testing QuestionsEveryday, clients have questions about laboratory tests for a variety of reasons.

Here are some examples that we see quite a bit each week. A number of these may seem really basic and I have provided answers to all of them. Obviously, if you want the best experience, you should call and talk to a representative at Midwest Laboratories. Check out these questions and see that you have options to help you manage your time in getting your questions answered.

Soil  Testing

Can Midwest Laboratories add zinc to my soil testing package?

What do the numbers on a soil report mean?
ANSWER: Check out Interpretation of Soil Analysis Brochure

How much will it cost me to test four samples?
ANSWER: Look at Soil Testing Fees

Does Midwest Laboratories offer a discount for a large number of samples for testing?
ANSWER: Talk to one of the Client Service / Field Staff

Food Testing

Can  Midwest Laboratories run the same method I use at another laboratory?
ANSWER: Send us the analysis method to see if Midwest Laboratories can run your analysis method.

Feed Testing

Can Midwest Laboratories setup my account so I can submit paperwork already pre-filled with contact information and list of tests run on a regular basis?
ANSWER: Yes – Consider setting up a project which allows you this flexibility

Environmental Testing

Does Midwest Laboratories provide sampling supplies for sludges, wastewater and drinking water testing?
ANSWER: Yes – Talk to a representative today and setup supplies to be shipped to you on a regular basis: weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Options Available to Submit Your Questions

Today, questions are answered by phone, 402-334-7770 and email info(at) and online through the Contact Us Page.

Answering questions is a vital part of our business and we take this topic very seriously. We have a staff of 15 people that answer questions on a regular basis. Know that when a question is submitted to Midwest Laboratories, the question is reviewed and assigned to the best resource available to answer that particular question. We feel this is the best way to address client questions.

At Midwest Laboratories we are continually reviewing processes to help make them more efficient and easier for clients. If you are looking for answers, consider contacting Midwest Laboratories. You will receive immediate feedback during regular, day-time hours.