Free Soil BagsAre you looking for a laboratory for your soil testing needs?

Today, precision agriculture, (precision ag) is the hot topic. Many growers and companies are looking at the value of soil testing data and applying it to the way they manage their soil nutrients.

There are many questions that people have this time of year and hopefully this article will answer some of those questions.

Where can I get free soil bags?

ANSWER: If you have an account with Midwest Laboratories, you are able to order free soil bags online or through email or a simple phone call. This is one of the benefits to having an account. An account with Midwest Laboratories can be done in a few steps. Complete the form, email the form to info(at) and you can have your account number in hand during regular business hours.

Where can I purchase soil probes?

ANSWER: You can purchase soil probes on the Midwest Laboratories eStore with a credit card or with your Midwest Laboratories account by simply calling the main number, (402)334-7770 and you will receive an invoice for your purchase.

Can I talk to an agronomist or field person about precision ag: (mapping, which tests to run, what do the soil test numbers mean, how  can I get data into my program)?

ANSWER: Yes – Midwest Laboratories has two agronomists on staff and six field representatives to help answer questions regarding soil testing and precision ag topics.  Check out this resource page for the names of people in your area more information.

How long does it take to have soil test results available?

ANSWER: Midwest Laboratories provides 2-3 day turnaround on soil sample analysis once the samples arrive at Midwest Laboratories.

What soil testing packages are available?

ANSWER: Check out the following soil analysis with price information on the Midwest Laboratories Soil Testing Page.

Is “Soil Health” testing an option?

ANSWER: Yes – Learn more in this document, Midwest Laboratories Soil Health Assessment. Turnaround time is 3-5 days for this complete, in-depth analysis.

I still have questions about soil sampling and soil testing, can someone help?

ANSWER: If the answer to your question is not listed above, please let our client service team know so we can get you the answers you are looking for.  We are people who want to answer your questions.

Please call 402-334-7770 and ask to talk to a client service representative.


Please email your question to – This email address is seen by over 15 people and someone will answer your question.


Submit your question online on our Midwest Laboratories Contact Us Page. You will receive a response back, same day,  during normal business hours.