Ethanol | BrazilIs this report a sign of some big changes with respect to ethanol production in Brazil.

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Only 25 percent of Brazil’s flex-fuel cars were filled up with ethanol last year, down from 82 percent in 2009, as the fuel has become relatively more expensive than gasoline when performance is taken into account, research firm Datagro said in a report in December.

Currently, ethanol production is being prioritized over sugar production. As a result, many sugar plants are closing because of decreasing production.

That low global sugar prices aren’t allowing production-cost recovery is forcing the beleaguered Brazilian sugar sector to be trimmed. According to Brazilian sugarcane sector organisation UNICA, 44 factories have hut operations since 2009. Source: Making ethanol from cane juice to trim sugar surplus, Kunal Bose September 29, 2014

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