Fall Phosphorus ApplicationI really enjoyed reading this article, Tips on best management practices to keep P on the field– October 8, 2014

The article makes some points with respect to analysis and application of Phosphorus.

Avoid overloading soils. Utilize current soil tests that have been performed within three years and follow Tri-State fertilizer recommendations. Where soil test levels are above 40 ppm Bray P1 or 58 ppm Mehlich III-ICP, do not apply additional phosphorus in the corn-soybean rotation. These levels require no additional fertilizer, according to the recommendations. Fertilizing soils above these levels increases the risk of phosphorous in runoff and tile drainage. Source:  Tips on best management practices to keep P on the field– October 8, 2014

Strive to build soil quality. Soil condition is a mitigating factor. Increasing water infiltration by reducing compaction and improving soil structure will increase water retention, nutrient cycling, crop rooting capacity and crop yield. Drainage and soil pH provide a foundation for other practices such as cover crops, drainage, residue management, controlled traffic and soil amendments. Source: Tips on best management practices to keep P on the field– October 8, 2014

Finally, the article refers to the  The Ohio Phosphorus Risk Index, Remember the issues earlier this year with Lake Erie and Algae Blooms. Phosphorus run-off was one of the contributors to this particular issue. Take some time and learn how the State of Ohio is addressing this issue. Read more in this article,  “News: On-Field Ohio: Rewriting Ohio’s Phosphorus Risk Index to Keep Nutrients and Water on Fields” April 24, 2014

In addition, check out this video which provides an explanation of the program.

Another example of how soil testing results can help determine your next actions when it comes to fall fertilizer applications. Learn more on the Midwest Laboratories Website. Soil Testing Turnaround time is 3 days once the sample is received. An account can be setup in minutes. This account allows you access to free sampling supplies like soil bags. Shipping labels, soil probes and boxes are also available to clients.