Bacteria on AirplanesCheck out this study done by the University of Auburn

For the study, a team of microbiologists and engineers at Auburn University in Alabama simulated travel in the friendly skies. They obtained various parts of an aircraft cabin — seats, upholstery and leather, metal items such as the toilet flusher button, armrests, window shades — in order to test the life of various types of bacteria and see how long it could survive on those surfaces. Source: Deadly germs can live in aircraft cabins for a week

Arm rests and seat back pockets – some places you want to avoid as much as possible.

All together researchers tested six different types of bacteria. They found MRSA could last for up to 168 hours on the back pocket of an airplane chair, while E. coli survived on average for about 96 hours on the material from the armrest. Experts say the dry air found in airplanes means they’re an especially hospitable place for bacteria to live. Source: Deadly germs can live in aircraft cabins for a week

The dry air in the cabin contributes to the extended life of bacteria on airplanes. Make sure you always use proper hygeine and try limit contact with your hands and face.

photo credit: via photopin cc