midwest labs soil testingHere are some tips to consider when sending in soil samples to Midwest Laboratories

Make sure proper paperwork is filled out completely

Name, Account, Grower Information, Analysis information, Recommendation Information – Typed information and information submitted online is much appreciated and helps insure fewer mistakes from a receiving standpoint.

Consider opening an account at Midwest Laboratories (Accounts opened during regular business hours will receive their account number during the same business day)

All analysis information is kept under your account number and can be looked up and accessed 24 x7 for easy retrieval. The data can also be downloaded for use with your own Soil/Precision Ag Software.  Also, with your account, you have access to free soil bags.  (Best Choice)

If you do not open an account, consider pre-paying to prevent delays. (Good Choice)

If you chose not to pre-pay, make sure you call and check on your samples to prevent delays in getting your reports out to you. (This process adds additional steps that are really not needed. In addition, your results could be a challenge to access in the future, because they are not associated with a specific account) (Possibility of Delays Increase)

Remember Turnaround time is 2-3 days from the time the sample is received at Midwest Laboratories till you get your results. 

Finally, if you have questions, speak to one of our client services representatives (402-334-7770) or post your question online.