Midwest Laboratories Food LabHave you wondered how many calories are in some food items?

Have you ever wondered about the protein content contained in products advertising higher protein quantities?

How long does it take before a package of a certain food type becomes rancid?

These are just a few of the many questions I look at when I walk through the Midwest Laboratories Food Laboratory. I wanted to take a minute and focus on a few areas that I see lots of samples being tested for.

Shelf life testing

One of the tests that is really fascinating is shelf life testing. Many companies have their food products tested for sustainability to see how long the product can sit on a store shelf till it goes bad. Many factors can have an effect on the life of the product. It could be as simple as the packaging or as complex as the material breaking down over time.

Calories on menus analysis

Restaurants are providing more transparency with their consumers regarding calorie counts.  Consumers are becoming more aware of the calories  that they are consuming. Many restaurants are having their food items tested so they can report not only calories, but salt and fat content too.

Food allergen testing

This area continues to become more popular as people are discovering that some of the reasons for their sicknesses and illnesses is a result of the food they are consuming.

Protein content testing

People are looking to add more protein into their diet.  I have been amazed to see that the label on different protein products does not always match the level found in the product.

These examples are just a few of the many food requests that the Midwest Laboratories Food Department receives. The analysis information provided by the food lab helps food producers, food suppliers and consumers be more informed as to the nutrients contained in their products. It’s a very interesting area to look at.