This is a  question that many people who are looking at soil health are asking. Many growers have seen results with cover crops.

Right now, many growers are trying to determine the value from an input cost standpoint. The analysis is showing that soil health can make a difference with respect to building and maintaining good soil nutrient levels.

At Midwest Laboratories, soil health test packages were introduced. These packages combine traditional soil testing analysis with “new” soil health analysis.

Check out this one-minute video and see one example how cover crops are affecting soil.

ACRES Conference 2014

If you are looking at soil health as an answer to getting more nutrients in your soil, learn more at this weeks ACRE Conference, December 4 – 6, 2014.

Talk to Jim and Matt at the Midwest Laboratories Booth and learn more about soil health testing and what the results can tell you from a soil nutrient perspective.