midwest labs 2015Before I came to Midwest Laboratories, I  really underestimated the “huge” need for laboratory analysis results. Analysis results are needed for a large number of reasons. The number one reason, being the analysis results are needed to make future decisions and those decisions require major investments. Here are some examples:

soil testing results:

  • needed to select the right fertilizer purchase or
  • additional nutrient purchase or
  • determination of hazardous materials like lead

food testing results:

  • calorie information for consumers and to meet regulations or
  • nutritional labels or
  • how long the product can sit on the shelf

ethanol testing results

  • needed to validate ethanol production process
  • quarterly testing by an outside lab is required
  • needed for selling the product

Secondly, the other huge need for laboratory analysis is interpenetrating the results and analyzing the data for trends. Many lab customers have their own software programs which take the analysis result data and further diagnose the data for additional decisions and proper record keeping. At Midwest Laboratories, we are seeing a wide array of data formats for proper integration in to new technologies like variable rate sprayers, irrigation systems and other operation systems.

Finally, there is a bigger need for companies to work closer with laboratories to determine a best fit for the “right” analysis and “review” of results. The laboratory and client relationship will continue to work closer together as new analysis is being developed daily and quality standards become tighter and tighter. Many companies are looking at the value that laboratory analysis can provide them and they want to gain a better knowledge. At the same time, Midwest Laboratories client service and account managers are learning more and more about specific companys’ needs for testing. When these two groups can come closer together is when the analysis data is really solidified and used to take that company to a new level. This is the area that Midwest Laboratories associates are working towards each day in 2015.

If you have questions about testing, consider leaving us a message at (info @ staging.midwestlabs.flywheelsites.com) or submit your question online at the Midwest Labs Contact Page.