selling home baked treats
photo credit: jazzijava via photopin cc

2015 must be the year that more people are selling baked goods online.

In the past two weeks, several new companies have opened accounts for getting their products testing. A closer look at these companies is indicating that half of these accounts are businesses that people are starting out of their homes. It looks like a growing trend. With a food product, some advertising and a strong internet website, companies can quickly get their business online and begin growing.

I took a closer look at this process and found the following article, Recipe for Success: 7 Tips for Selling Food Online. This article makes several great points. Here is there top 7 list:

1. Know the Law
2. Acquire Licenses and Permits
3. Find the Right Workspace
4. Label Your Products
5. Ship Wisely
6. Be Transparent
7. Share What Makes Your Recipes Special
Source: 7 Tips for Selling Food Online, by Alison Walla, June 5, 2014

I want to highlight a couple of items on the list. Items four and six.

4. Label Your Products – Labeling product ingredients is critical for people to gain a better understanding of your product. Understand the nutritional label laws and go to the FDA Site if you need a refresher or if you have a question. Also consider clicking the button below if you have questions and are pressed for time.

6. Be Transparent – Let people know more about your food product. Explain the various ingredients that make up your particular food package. Share some of this information ahead of time so people know where you are coming from.

Finally, talk to a representative at Midwest Laboratories. Our staff works with home-based, food producers to help assist in the creation of their nutritional label, analyzing for the presence of food ingredients and help with respect to working through this process.

For more information, simply click the blue button below and start learning how food testing can be a real asset for you in your ability to provide your consumers with proper food labeling and ingredient information.