Lead consider testing the soil for lead contamination.

I know it sounds very superficial, but when I read stories like this one, Lead in soil leaves couple out of pocket, Sam Sherwood, January 14, 2015, it really saddens me that people can quickly lose a lot of money and worse yet, put their health at risk. Check out the full story and see how one couple is dealing with this situation.

Lead can cause all types of concerns related to health and should be taken seriously. In addition, if lead is found in the soil, the value of the property takes an immediate hit. Finally, the costs of remediation can be extremely high to remove the contaminated soil and replace it.

Here is another story related to this topic of lead and arsenic in soil. It is a sad story. Check out the news story below.

If you are considering buying a house or building your own, consider taking a soil test on the site.  A soil test at Midwest Laboratories is $36/sample for analysis of lead in soil. It could be the best investment you make regarding your health and future.

photo credit: ArmchairBuilder.com via photopin cc