2015 Soil SamplingThis January there has been a rush for sampling supplies. Currently, soil probes are in strong demand and manufacturer’s can’t keep up with the demand.

Soil Probes – If you are thinking of ordering a probe for sampling today or this spring, place your order now. Supplies are limited and demand is high and demand will continue to increase as we get closer to spring.

Soil bag orders are also coming in. Currently large orders typically scheduled in February are being submitted in January to hopefully avoid the spring sampling rush and in some cases, sample underperforming areas today to determine what type of nutrient application needs to be applied this spring.

Soil Health – The new analysis that some growers are turning to with respect to nutrient management and application of cover crops. Soil health conference are occurring almost every week around the country. If you have questions about soil health, check out this document in the Midwest Laboratories Library, “Midwest Laboratories Soil Health Assessment

photo credit: nbonzey via photopin cc