Canned FoodFebruary is national canned food month. I had never heard about this recognition before till I read this article, “It’s National Canned Food Month, so try something from the pantry” by Lee Ward, February 3, 2015.

The article makes some interesting points about canned food and it is well-worth reading.

One of the areas it talks about is shelf-life,

‰Long shelf life. Canned fruits and vegetables are preservative-free; the canning process (high temperatures and sterile containers) destroys organisms that would cause spoilage. Canned food remains safe as long as the container remains intact. Although many canned foods are coded with “use by” dates, you should try to rotate your supply at least every other year.

Shelf-life testing is becoming more and more popular among food producers. Through science and technology, enivronments can be controlled and accelerated to help determine a legitimate useful life of a product.  At Midwest Laboratories, food technicians work directly with businesses and goals to outline goals and objectives with respect to their food product. This information is collected and entered into a system that was developed specifically for this type of analysis.

This winter has been a brutal one for many parts of the country. Buying canned foods in bulk might be a good idea as power outages normally occur this time of year.

Also consider making a donation of canned food to your local food pantry.

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