FrackingFracking is a very controversial process which people have various opinions on. Let’s look at this topic a bit closer and see if we can formulate our own opionion.

Let’s start with this first video which explains the process.

Now let’s review a little more about the process and look at some of the environmental impacts of fracking.

The water used is highly toxic and cannot be treated by water treatment plants. The chemicals vary from hazardous to highly toxic. In addition, green house gasses are being released as a part of the process.

What is still a mystery in this equation is what type of chemicals are used? If you check out the article mentioned in the previous sentence, you will see a list of chemicals that are often referred to.

The topic of fracking is still a mystery as to the environmental effects of the chemicals that are being used. More information on this topic is needed. Hopefully, the following information will help you formulate an opinion that you can build on in the future.

Picture Source: Flickr