Food ScienceWant to get into a growing industry?

Consider food science. It is one area that high school kids are not exposed to as much, but it is definitely a growing field with lots of possibilities. Just in the last 5-10 years this area has exploded with the advent of regulations around calories and the whole health movement toward learning more about what is in our food and where it comes from.

Foods can be studied in many different ways, here are a few:

  • quality of ingredients
  • shelf life
  • taste and texture
  • calorie content
  • protein content
  • fat content
  • sugar content
  • packaging  and more

Food testing is becoming increasingly warranted by increased regulation and as a way of protection to insure a quality product for consumers.

Watch the following video and learn from some food science majors.

photo credit: Medialab Prado via photopin (license)