Triumph of AgThis evening I am reflecting on my experience at the 49th Annual  Triumph of Ag Show held in Omaha, Nebraska. It is one of my favorite shows of the year.

There is so much excitement surrounding ag. There is equipment, new technology, supporting ag-related companies like banks, financial institutions and land management companies.

All of these vendors come together to support agriculture and make it an innovative industry.

It is an area that is often overlooked, but those involved feel the excitement. Sure there was talk about property taxes and lower grain prices, but these people have seen these conditions before and know the only choice they have is to continue to look forward and persevere.

At the show, I sensed a whole new feeling of excitement. I really believe it will be a big year for Ag. I think news is going to spread more and more about all of the opportunities that are available in Ag. It is a growing area that is full of innovation and job growth.

More people are starting to discover where there food comes from and how they can quickly make a difference in the field of Ag. Others, will be improving their current processes and looking for ways to stretch their dollars with respect to input costs and applied maintenance applications.

All in all, it will be an exciting year and this venue, Triumph of Ag helps provide a place for people to meet and feel that type of excitement.