Edible LandscapeCheck out this article, “Gardening ‘outside the box’: Edible landscaping makes most of yard space” by Tracy Frank, April 4, 2015

Here is an excert from the article…

“It’s really simple. It’s a matter of incorporating edible plants into the ornamental landscape,” said McGinnis, who has been with NDSU for two years and is also director of the North Dakota Extension Master Gardener Program. “You could have vegetables in the middle of your flower garden. It’s making the most use that you can out of your yard.”

It’s a technique that has really become popular over the past five years, McGinnis said, both because yards are getting smaller and because people are more concerned about where their food comes from and whether things like pesticides and herbicides are used to grow the produce.

It is a fascinating way at looking at landscaping and maybe its something you could gradually pursue each year. This concept has been growing in popularity over the last five years.

Here is one such video presentation on this topic.

Picture Source: Flickr