Lawn and GardenHere is an excellent article on the topic of soil testing for your lawn or garden.

Don’t guess on garden fertilizer – Democrat News, April 8, 2015  (Well worth reading)

This article looks at the value of soil testing and how it can really help people understand that through a soil test, conducted at a laboratory, people can find out if they really need to apply fertilizer and what type of fertilizer they should use.

In addition, the article looks at community gardens and talks about conducting a soil test for lead.

Finally, have you considered manure, potting soil or compost as another means to infusing nutirents back into the soil.

This year, people are really doing their homework when it comes to planning for their yard and garden. At Midwest Laboratories, our client service staff is receiving a high number of calls about soil testing in gardens and lawns. If you have questions, consider calling and talking for a few minutes to make sure your questions regarding soil testing, soil testing report information are being answered.

Midwest Laboratories offers analysis with respect to

Lawn and Garden Soil Test $25.00 per sample

Compost Test  $70.00 per sample

Lead in Soil Test  $36.00

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