Analysis MethodMany times clients send samples in and really don’t know what to ask for when it comes to the analysis method. Methods are the starting places for performing analysis is a qualitative manner.

Because technology is changing, methods also may need to be slightly adjusted. A good laboratory will note this information in their standard procedure and communicate this information on the final report.

Some people care about this information and others may not care about it. However, methods are going to be important in the future. Today, if a client sends a sample to two different laboratories, he or she is expecting similar results. Unfortunately, this may not happen all of the time. The analysis information provided by that lab maybe consistent, but something has been modified concerning the method.

For these reasons, Midwest Laboratories always lists analysis methods on their analysis reports. If you ever have a question, you can call and talk to a member of our Quality Assurance Team.

If you are currently receiving analysis without any reference to the analysis method, how can you be sure the lab is using a consistent standard method for its samples.

As a client, you should be entitled to this information. Make sure you have all the information regarding your analsyis so you can have the confidence that your results are accurate.

Picture Source: Pixabay