getting rid of clover in lawnThis weed ranks right up there with crab grass in my opinion. This year, I have finally won the battle. I found a 4 inch square area and it is now gone.

Here is my advice if you permanently want to remove this weed. You can try conventional sprays, but once the sprouts come up, they spread like wildfire. Even weed sprays are not that effective. Weed sprays work best on dandelions and I’ve already seen some this past week.

The best advice I have for clover is, get out your rake and shovel and dig it out and replant sod in its place. I am not kidding. You may have to repeat this process a few times, but your issue will eventually go away and it is the most natural way to have it removed in the process. Many people try reseeding, but clover is strongest where the lawn is thinnest.

I am keeping a close eye on my neighboor. He is refusing to deal with his clover problem and his issue has grown to over a 15′ square area. I just hope it stays away from our bordering property line.

In any case, the clover battle is over till the next patch arises.

Picture Source: Pixaby