Sulfates in ShampooThere is a real debate out there about sulfate ingredients contained in shampoos. Some articles go so far as to say it can cause cancer. The FDA has not banned sulfate from shampoos and sulfate, (commonly known as salt) gives shampoo its foaming attributes and cleaning ingredients.

The following graphic outlines some of the attributes of sodium sulfate and the article, “What Makes Shampoo Foam? Everyday Compounds: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate” (04/28/2014) is a really good article which really looks at the heart of this issue and provides factual information about sodium sulfate. It is well worth the time to read.

In any case, the information concerning sulfates in shampoos seem to still be a subject that is highly debated. I like to always error on the side of facts and I will let you know there are very few articles out there that really address this topic. Hopefully, you can make up your own mind with respect to this topic.

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