fertilzerCheck out this example of an organic fertilizer made with the following ingredients:

Cottonseed Meal  (1.25 lb)

Bone Meal (.6 lb)

Kelp Meal (2.5 lb)

Application 3/4 lbs for 50 sq. feet

This video is very interesting and will give you some ideas for making your own organic fertilizer recipe.

Over the past three years, we have seen tremendous growth in this area of organic fertilizers. Many growers are looking at ways to use natural material to help fortify nutrients in the soil. If you are looking in to developing your own organic fertilizer, consider having it tested so you are aware of the important properties that make up your organic fertilizer. In addition, consdier sampling your soil after a period of time to see if your soil’s nutrition levels are increasing in certain areas.

If you want more information, please call Midwest Laboratories for your fertilizer and organic testing needs and talk to Rob Ferris or Matt Stukenholtz.


Picture Source: jozschartz.files.wordpress.com