Have you taken the time to check your food pantry in your kitchen? Are you afraid of keeping something or throwing something away?4553661704_4edd91044f

This past weekend, our family pantry got a complete overhaul. Some items had been in the cabinet for well over a year. Some canned food had expired. Is it still safe to eat?

I am sure you have played out these scenarios in your head. Maybe you have even gone so far as to smell the product  or taste a small sampling of the produt.

This resource has a great list of items. FrugalLiving.about. com

Here is a sample of this list below, for a complete list go to FrugalLiving.about.com

It’s one of the best lists I have seen for tracking the shelf life of pantry items.

Canned & Jarred Goods
Applesauce      12-18 months
Beans, canned      2-5 years
Broth, beef       2-5 years
Broth, chicken       2-5 years
Broth, vegetable      2-5 years
Canned fruit       12-18 months
Canned meats      (tuna,salmon, chicken, etc.) 2-5 years
Home-canned foods    12 months
Pumpkin puree        12-18 months
Soup (except tomato)      2-5 years
Soup, tomato        12-18 months
Tomato paste      12-18 months
Tomato sauce      12-18 months
Tomatoes, crushed      12-18 months
Tomatoes, stewed        12-18 months
Tomatoes, sun-dried (oilpacked)   12-18 months
Tomatoes, whole       12-18 months

photo credit: Our House (11 of 11) via photopin (license)