Watch for Grubs

As you continue to keep up with mowing your lawn after the latest rain, you might want to be on the lookout for the presence of grubs.

You may really want to consider an application. Most of the country experienced above average rainfall in May and with warmer temperatures the bugs start coming out. I have seen quite a few grubs in my garden landscape area. In addition to grubs, I have seen a lot of ants along the driveway and exterior of the garage.

Here is a great video that shows the following:

  • How to identify the presence of grubs in your lawns
  • What steps to take if you see grubs
  • How to prevent future spread of grubs

Make sure you take immediate action if you see grubs in your lawn.

Also, consider applying a grub application right now to prevent any future growth of grubs in the month of June.

Picture Source: Flickr