soil testing golf courseGolf courses are finding the value of soil testing. Case in point, Ingersall Golf Course mentioned in this article.

Many golf courses will experience issues with dead grass, weeds or areas where the organic matter may have been removed from too many golf swings hitting the same areas. You really do not have to look any further than the tee box for these type of issues. Also, your soil test could help in identifying a grub or insect issue. A good soil testing laboratory can help you identify these issues.

The hard part of resolving these turf grass issues is knowing how to proceed. The following article,  “How can the grass on the greens at a golf course be so perfect?” makes the point that the focus needs to be on maintaining a good, golf maintenance program.

Once the green is established, you start in on maintenance. This includes daily mowing with a precision green mower, watering, fertilizing, applying chemicals, aerating, and general coddling.

The way this accomplished is working with a company that can provide you with soil analysis data and proper recommendations for fertilizer application. In addition, it is critical to feed nutrients back into the soil to help strengthen the soil initially and proper grass root development.

For more information, consider taking soil samples from various spots on your golf course. Identify areas of nutrient deficiency and address those areas. Be proactive and look for ways to insure the soil is not too compacted and is full of nutrients that will help support the proper growth of your grass green areas.

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Picture Source: Pixabay