glass-475451_640Earlier this week, we looked at e.Coli in lakes and streams. Now we are looking closer at public water supplies.

It is imperative that municipalities keep a close eye on the public water supply in their areas. In many areas, it has been the wettest May/June on record. The following news report from Greensboro, South Carolina gives the indication that this is an anomaly, I think the conditions at this time are really pointing toward the need for more testing and a closer eye on our public drinking water supply.

Many municipalities test their water on a monthly/quarterly basis. It is imperative that proper sampling techniques are being followed to minimize contamination. If you own a private well and have not tested the water in 2015, you might want to consider testing it for your own piece of mind.

Water sampling supplies are available online at the Midwest Labs eStore. If you live close to Omaha, NE you can simply stop by and pickup your free water testing supplies at the front door. Be careful this summer and make sure you keep a closer eye on the water you are drinking this year.