Corn Plant in JuneCheck out this video, it does a good job of highlighting the items that growers need to be focusing on. Crop scouting has begun.

Those of you in the city, do you know what V5 Growth Stage is and how to account for the following stages? If you don’t, watch the first couple of minutes and you will learn something about tracking corn growth.

This is the time of year to watch for any insects and associated damage.

Nutrient deficiency is another area to look at. Many growers will conduct a plant tissue sample analysis. At Midwest Laboratories, we are seeing an increase in this type of testing this year. It is a good way to gauge how many nutrients are making it into the plant. From here, many growers will apply a side-dress application.

Find out more in this video.


photo credit: Little Corn, you can catch up! via photopin (license)