cricket powderI am starting to learn more about a movement away  from traditional sources of protein like animal meat and milk to getting protein from insects like crickets. Yes, one of the latest trends is cricket flour.

Have you heard of this product? I am just starting to learn about it. If you don’t believe me type the following words in Google: (cricket  powder  state ) . I am sure you will find a retail outlet in your state that sells cricket powder.

Check out this video and see the process of making cricket powder up close by Next Millennium Farms.

Still wondering about this trend? Check out this blog article, “A third of US consumers likely to buy insect foods

Their research has shown that roughly one-third of respondents rate themselves likely to buy an insect-based product. Not only do 32% of consumers want to eat bugs, but the rate is increasing quarter to quarter. They’ve found that insects are particularly popular among those ages 30 to 44, and those making between $25,000 to $49,999 or more than $150,000. This comes as a huge shock to those who see insects as a “poverty food”, impossibly beyond Western palates, or a novelty appealing only to the young and adventurous.

Keep your eyes out on this trend and see if this area of food production gathers steam moving ahead. Something to definitely follow. Remember that show “Fear Factor”. It looks like more people are dealing with their fears and are moving toward eating insects.

It would not surprise me to see Midwest Laboratories analyzing food samples containing different insects. We have analyzed some products with insect ingredients and it appears that it could be more of a trend in the future.

photo credit: DSCN2451 via photopin (license)